Huntersville NC Tree Service

Tree trimming, removal and overall services for residential and business owners. You can be assured that are trained professionals will work to give you the best experience possible in all of your tree care needs. Our evaluations when coming to the property are thorough to give you the best understanding of what it will take to get the specific job done. As you might expect our company works with different types of situations and sometimes very ordinary removal services.


We don't use any type of cookie cutter methods, we go into each and every situation with a detailed eye on what to do that will give our customers the best possible results. When it comes to tree clearing, accidents happen and nature has a way of implanting itself into our home space. No matter what happens we're able to quickly effectively clear out any debris, branches and logs that are obstructing your space. We are able to completely remove your tree if it has become unstable and old. It can be a very dangerous situation to deal with because of the uncertainty of such a large object and the destructional power it has. Prevention is a very powerful and popular option. Instead of waiting for bad weather or an unseen circumstance to occur, which can cause massive damage to your property, it is best to take care of any possible situations that can cause a problem in the future. 

performing a tree service

When I was a young boy, I was always scared of heights. Looking down from a huge skyscraper when I was with my dad in his office, I would get chills down my spine. Thankfully, one weekend my dad told me to help him remove a small tree branch from our backyard. He was a landscaper and was always high up. He told me to climb the tree, to get a better angle on the branch. I was scared, but he guided me through it. Once that branch fell safely to the ground, I had a boost of adrenaline. Tree's never looked the same again, and I was addicted. 

I made sure our company and our team of highly engaged professionals, have the same level of enthusiasm. It is this attitude, a love for what we do, that allows us to give our customers the highest level satisfaction possible.

Our team is ready and equipped to take on any tree you throw in front of us. We are a honest and reliable company, and our goal is to slowly push out dishonest companies, who do poor jobs and are simply unreliable. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule a time for us to meet with you!